Culture ~ Show Me What You’re Working With

Culture, in simple terms, is defined by the way we do things reflects how we were taught by those that had some type of impact on our life or the changes we decided to make for ourselves for the betterment of our life. The culture we bring to the environment will either make a positive impact or a negative one.

In terms of the classroom culture, we are made up of mixed culture based on age, ethnicity, experience, and unknown baggage. To my knowledge, only a few of the students have children which brings to the culture of being able to practice patience and the ability to teach those under our authority something new through repetitious instruction until they “get it”. I believe that even though we differ in age, ethnicity, experience, and unknown baggage, we have a mutual respect and embrace those differences.

Of course, we still have our comfort zones where we tend to gravitate to those that more closely relate to us as a person, but I feel like we communicate and enjoy each other’s time when we are challenged with a group activity or project. I, especially, get a kick out of the “silly” impromptu presentations that we must do in front of our peers. It may seem “silly”, at first, but the overall purpose is to encourage us all to be better and support each other.

In conclusion, I can only speak for my contribution to the culture of the classroom. I bring a caring and understanding vibe to the culture of the classroom. I am quite a bit older than most of the students in the classroom (Shhhh, they may not know it) but I feel like I can learn a lot from them and their knowledge of Web Design because their brain power may be a little spunkier than mine, but I will eventually get it.

Us filling in the gaps where there are weaknesses will help us all to be successful despite our differences in culture. For instance, I may be better at time management and could be an encourager to the team to stay on task and meet deadlines to where my team member may be better and faster at web structure and design, this could only contribute to success to the team and the end project. Even if there are hiccups that take place to try and derail the project there can always be a regrouping process to revisit the goal of the project and work towards it with a positive mindset. So, who wouldn’t want to be a part of a positive team? Not me!