What An Awesome Web Based Service

Before I began my official journey towards my Web Design & Development career I dibbled and dabbled with Google Drive. I used it to store and share documents, pictures, and files. It wasn’t until I began my web development classes and started to utilize Google Drive for everything from creating documents, spreadsheets, hosting pictures, and creating presentations. 

Google Drive is like a house that has several rooms inside of it that serve different purposes. Google Drive houses several different programs like Slides, sheets, Docs, etc. that can be edited and shared. Google Drive is a content management service as well as a web-based service because you can send and receive shared information from others. You can share it with anyone you desire or keep it private.

A few Pros:
Easily sharable
Auto save
Good organizer

A few Cons:
Could run out of storage
Does not give you a photo extension for photos ie: jpg or png
Must have a Gmail account

I will definitely use Google Drive for all my projects to help me stay focused and organized which would be vital to my success.