Knowing Your Personality Trait

Upon completing the 16 Personalities Assessment, ISFJ-T was my trait. I am shocked how well this computer thingy knows me better than my own natural family does. It was very intriguing for me and described me very well in most aspects. I am a very hard and dedicated worker. I am loyal and I do not prefer the spotlight. I get my glory through the finished product and how it made someone else feel. Even though recognition is always welcomed, knowing that they appreciate me as a person and my dedication I put into my work is enough for me. I, do, have a question, though..... Could any of this be how I was reared from childhood on up to adulthood? Could any of this be related to DNA? 

My personality type in the workplace was spot on. I learn the rules and follow the rules and rarely deter from them unless it has proven to make the process better. I'm always looking out for the best interest of others and seek to be of service to others. Finding the devil in the details is my strong point because I long to know the details so that I could make the best judgment in how to communicate my message and get the project completed.

I believe that he best personality type for me to work with is ESTJ- The Supervisor; not because I need someone to tell me what to do, but because they are more matter-of-factly and can delegate or communicate what they need done. I am the person to put their desires in action and get the job done. The only downside I could see working with an ESTJ personality is if they are a micro-manager. I do not work well with someone breathing down my neck and checking my every move I want my teammates to trust that I will do my part to the best of my ability. In conclusion, personality balance is key to making projects successful. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, so we must accept that fact and extend grace for the weaknesses and praise the strengths. Every day is a different day, so therefore, strengths and weaknesses may change, but ultimately the project will be completed successfully.