My Ideal Role on A Web Design Team

My role on a Web Design team is best served as a cheerleader, marketing strategist, client liaison, and/or tester. I am a good organizer and good at time management. My background is in customer service so I do pretty good by contacting people for the information that I need to complete whatever I am working on. I have a rolodex of other marketing tools that are not taught by instructors that I found on my own that could be used for marketing suggestions.

I am not the greatest or fastest coder and it takes me some time to figure out some of the codes, but eventually I do find the answer on my own or seek help from others. Being tech savvy doesn’t come natural to me right now and I have to work a little bit harder at it, but I keep trying until I get it right. So, if you want someone with pros and cons, but refuses to give up, choose me.